Request multiple features

1-Is it not possible to always display open tabs at the bottom of the screen in Brave Android browser? Of course, this possibility exists in open tabs in one group, but if several groups are open, the tabs of all those groups are not displayed at the bottom of the screen. Please make it possible if such a feature is not available in the Brave Android browser.

2-Please also create a completely black theme for this browser.

3-Please make the new tab button at the bottom of the page always visible.

4- Please make it possible to move the address box completely to the bottom of the page.

5-The night mode function is not applied in some sites, please improve it faster or provide the possibility to install the Dark Reader extension.

7-Make the brave lion logo a little more minimal and modern

8-Enable online synchronization with the desktop version.

9- Also introduce me a good girl for marriage, I’m tired of being alone :blush: (joke)

10- Nothing else, that’s all. Good luck.