Recommended features currently missing from Brave Android browser

  1. Allow adding favorites to home page and editing them (name & position),
  2. Option to open new tab/page either in background or foreground (globally, not per page as awkwardly implemented by Firefox).
  3. Search bookmarks directly from search bar (without having to go to bookmarks) - lots of browsers offer this option.
  4. Support for dark webpages (independent from app’s theming) - see below comments and screenshots for details.
  5. Support for text reflow (automatic text wrapping when zooming in & out)

Edited: I removed the suggestion for add-ons support as it’s been requested in many other similar threads - and renumbered the list.

5th one is there

Go into settings, appearance, and enable Night mode (experimental).


I knew about that - what I meant was the ability to easily switch between light/dark modes per page - without having to go deep into settings and change that globally.
Firefox’ Dark Reader add-on does that very well. It can be configured either always On (similarly to “whitelisting”) or always Off (similarly to “blacklisting”).
Bromite, on the other hand, implemented a much simpler, yet effective solution (see enclosed screenshots). If dark mode is enabled in settings (similarly to Brave’s), a new dark-theme option with an on/off check mark is shown in the main menu which provides an option for each page to be left in dark mode (check mark left enabled) or switch back to original view (check mark disabled). What makes it even more useful, Bromite remembers the choice and automatically applies it next time the same page gets reloaded.

Back to Brave, dark mode is currently implemented globally, which makes it awkward/impractical to switch back and forth per visited page.

Lastly, in case anyone wanders why the need, I switch to dark mode when I read longer articles with no heavy graphics (easy on eyes) and back to original view for most of the rest of the browsing (no weird rendering). It works very well on both above-mentioned browsers and I don’t see why say, Bromite’s approach, couldn’t be easily implemented on Brave.

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Cool, got it.

Knew about the dark reader extension but did not know about the bromite dark webpage feature.

Your recommendation can be good improvement for brave android experience.


See above screenshots and if you agree, vote for the features in the original thread! :grin::+1:

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