Facebook Broken on Brave?

After hearing so much about the Brave browser I decided I’d give it a shot yesterday and installed it. Everything was fine yesterday but now Facebook refuses to load. Never had any issues like this on any browser I’ve ever used before but within 24 hours this one is already screwing up. Lovely recommendations I’ve received, this browser is clearly a joke. Can’t even load Facebook. Any ideas on how to solve this because I’m about to abandon this crap software and reinstall my old browser.

Hi @JoshSCH, will investigate further, but you can click on the orange Brave icon in the URL bar and disable Shields for Facebook in the meantime. Thank you.

Hello, I turned it off already as that was recommended in a previous posts I saw but it made no difference. Also tried disabling extensions and running in private mode and those did not work either.

Yeah, screw it. I’m just uninstalling, not a good sign that it’s already fucking up this short into my time with it. I just sense more problems in the future. What a garbage browser.

I am sorry, I do not mean to be rude. Not having a good morning and this situation isn’t helping. I will continue to try to find a solution and not abandon the browser just yet.

@JoshSCH Just a heads up. Things can go wrong in lots of different ways. It’s bad that you seem to be experiencing an issue just as you’re starting to use it. It’s definitely an unusual situation.

The hard part for us is even when people have been reporting issues with Facebook, they all disappear without following up. For example:

Then I see I have one at * Facebook Not Working Consistently that hasn’t been helped yet. (but I’m going to post there soon as I share this with you)

But what you’re sharing on your page seems to be because of Shields settings. For example, if I go to Facebook and then enable Block Scripts, my page appears as you see below:

This looks very similar, except for the color scheme…doesn’t it?

If I go back and turn off the toggle for Block Scripts, it turns into below (Well, cropped for privacy purposes)

This leads it to believe you have Block Scripts enabled. Can you confirm what your Shields settings are like? Screenshot of mine when it works is below:

I know you said you turned it off, but hoping maybe somehow overlooked something. And if it’s not Shields, wondering if you have anything else that might be trying to block scripts.

Only other thing that comes to mind would be people at places like Brave is not working: doesn't show pages correctly, can't even change settings who said they had to clear GPUCache . Or one other who said they had to disable hardware acceleration.

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