Facebook Not Working Consistently

Description of the issue:
Facebook Not Working Consistently
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Opening a tab with Facebook.
  2. Resuming the FB tab.
  3. Refreshing the FB tab.

Expected result:
For the Facebook page to load completely.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:

Most of the time, the page refuses to load completely. Sometimes not at all.

@DustinM Can you provide more details? For example:

  • Which OS are you using?

  • What is it that happens when you go to Facebook and you say it doesn’t load completely?

  • Would you share a screenshot so we can see it?

Also, can you advise if you’ve tried any of the basic troubleshooting steps to help figure out issues? For example:

  • Disable Shields?

  • Open in Private Windows?

  • (if on Desktop) Create a new profile?

Hi, Im sorry, I must have missed the reply. Using Windows 10 Home 22H2. OS Build 19045.3031 - Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19041.1000.0

Sometimes Facebook will load the page but I wont be able to scroll as posts further down the page wont load. Clicking the Home button within Facebook does nothing. I click on “Chats” on the right to see FB Messenger messages, it will op open the background box for the messages but no messages will load. 1st image

I tried disabling “Shields Up” for Facebook and at first it seemed to finally work but again as I scrolled down, the other posts would not load. 2nd image.

I havent tried creating a new profile yet.

Ive done a bit more troubleshooting and seemingly disabled all the privacy settings except foe the top 4. Its weird, at first it seems like it works finally, I had to restart Brave but then it happens again. Loading Facebook should not be this difficult. If anything, automatically add Facebook to a default Whitelist?

UPDATE: After disabling the top 4 and restarting Brave, it seemed to work great for a few minutes when scrolling the feed but then when checking notifications, the bug started again.

This might be the big one. I know I just tested on my computer and I can access everything on Facebook just fine.

Had me log into Facebook for the first time in a long time to check it. I gave up on Facebook during the whole Covid thing because Facebook got way too big on censorship and all. But I bounced around to different friend’s pages, to some communities, etc. No issues with it loading.

So it’s most likely going to be something at a device level with you.

  • If you were on Linux, I’d say to try deleting stuff in GPUCache as they had recently experienced similar issues. GPUCache is a folder inside your Brave folder, you’d have to navigate to it within Windows. It’s something like Users → Username → App Data → Local → BraveSoftware → Brave Browser → User Data → System profile → GPUCache on Windows

  • Another thing that causes issues at times within the browser is Hardware Acceleration. You would toggle this off at brave://settings/system. You may could try that and see if it’s what is happening on your device.

That may well have been it. New profile created (albeit I denied any automatic plugin installs that popped up). So far so good! Thank you.

I assume there’s no way of importing the open tabs in the old profile to the new one?

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