Brave is broken

Hi guys , hope you are all well .

I must sound like a grumpy old twat with all the bitching ive been doing over the last month or two . But seriously , something has gone horribly wrong with this browser . I cant even post on FB through it now . Im quite annoyed , i ve used it for well over a year , and although it was never perfect it was still very usable and very good in my opionion . But over the last 3 months it has steadily become a disaster . The amount of basic things you now cannot do that you used to be able to do , is mounting . On top of everything else I now cant even post on Fb . Its really taken a severe turn for the worse . Just a brief summary of what it cant now do , banking site , facebook , sejda , pdf editor , kodi repos and many more . im at the point of just removing it all together , any thoughts or any advice or anything as to why its so bad now

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