Facebook specifically not loading


Facebook used to always work but since today it stopped doing so. All other websites work.
The entire tab is broken whenever I try to browse there. Infinite loading and a black screen.

Private tab works, another browser also works. I deleted all my browsing data for the website and that did work for a full minute until I refreshed the website.

Is there a way I can reset one site specifically or is my profile broken?

Can you post a screenshot, just to understand it better? Also, do you have extensions intalled, can you try to disable them- brave://extensions/ and see if it works? Also, what’s your Brave Version (first three heads at brave://version)?

Yeah, once you are one the site, click on lock icon > Site settings


Thank you for answering!

The screenshot would just be a blank or new tab page, or contain a background colour from another tab. Sometimes I’ll get the unresponsive page error. I already cleared all site data from facebook I could find to no avail.

However, it appears to randomly fix and break itself now. Sometimes it’ll work fine, and then a few seconds later it starts hanging again. None of my other tabs have issues, so maybe it’s facebook itself?

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@vark it could be Facebook itself. It might also be your Shields settings while visiting Facebook, extensions of yours that might be interfering, or a bunch of other little things. When you say that Private Tab works, it truly does suggest that an extension of yours is causing compatibility issues. Hence why Aman mentioned you may want to disable or uninstall the extensions and see if there are any improvements.

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