Brave is not working: doesn't show pages correctly, can't even change settings

I’m using Brave on Kubuntu 22.04. The issue started tonight when I tried to open my last session and none of the tabs opened. I tried to reload but none of them worked. I close them all and still doesn’t worked. I tried to go to settings but that also is not working.

I’m adding these screenshots to show the problem.

Yes, same here. looks very bad, same with social media and other websites.

Looks like the same issue as Latest Brave Update fails to render any webpage correctly

Run with brave-browser -use-gl=egl as a workaround (and to confirm), then delete your GPUCache directory and try again.

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For me it works. Don’t know how to delete GPUCache. Will check how to do it.

Found a way in your link to delete GPUCache and it works now fine again. Thanks.


The command worked!

Also, the command on that link to delete the cache worked make it work!

I had to start using Firefox again. The new update for Brave on Linux Mint 21 doesn’t work at all.

@Persister You can try out the following steps :slight_smile:

  • Remove the content of the GPUCache directory inside your Brave profile folder

  • Start the browser from terminal with brave-browser --disable-gpu

  • Edit the browser config, should be a Json file in your profile folder - Find the setting for acceleration (“hardware_acceleration_mode”) and change it manually

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