Estimated pending reward

Can someone point me to a break down of how estimated rewards work, are end users and advertizers subject to market volatility, or just end users?

Real time payouts would help with market volatility, especially for content creators an would generally make everyone happier

Thanks, can I get a badge or something

  1. The advertiser pays BAT (or money that is converted to BAT).
  2. They select the type of campaing they want.
  3. According several factors: region, number of estimated active users for a campaing, the total BAT destinated, etc. The total amount of BAT per ad is determinated.

And well, the rest you all know, you acummulate ads/BAT and the payments are dispatch at the end of the month.

The problem is that, Brave is a company under the laws of EUA, and because the first point (they somethimes receive FIAT from some companies for their ads campains) they need to have a control on how that money is spended and the movements. So there is a fund every month, 70% of BAT collected is destinated for User Payments and 30% is for the BRAVE team. From the 70% for users, the calculations are made for every campaing, and so.

In resume KYC laws and those stuff from EUA. That´s why the teamed up with Uphold, uphold takes care of those things.

In any case is my guess, because if they don´t complete with laws the project goes down.

PD: badges are earn acording to your activity in the forum and your behavior.

Thanks for your explanation, was joking about the badge, again thanks, so volatility applies to end users that real time payouts could mitigate

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