Brave Rewards will change or not in future from 0.01 to 0.05 per ad

Anyone knows when will the reward increases or get back from 0.01 bat per ad to 0.05 bat per ad. or it will never change again.

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AFAIK this depends on publishers, they decide how much to invest in brave publicity and how much BAT will users receive in return. And well, covid-19 is not helping for investing in big campains.

Now other fact that comes in play with this is BAT value. Publishers commonly pay in real money, so if BAT goes up they need to readjust found to keep using the same amount of money publishers gived for their campains

@sahil325 They will not go back to the normal, the way we used to have. Brave now allows them to go lower now and provably continue to get worse. I know hat is a business decision. I would say, do not do business with them, if you do not like them going so lower. I wont.

It would also be nice brave would increase the max ads by 5 time since they decreased ad value by 5 times. If BAT value increased by 5 time I would understand.

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Hopefully… there’s a know ads bug for this month and the team is working hard to get things back to normal.

@ambrocioisaias2808 @kevers05 That means my hard work of convincing people to use this browser in referral program become waste no one gona use it for 30 days. If Brave users have to recieve (0.01Bat/ad) 100 ads for only 1 Bat = 0.35$. Its useless for them they are going to uninstall it for sure.

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as the ad rates drops, brave users decrease too.


Also something i didn´t remember to mention. Lately ethereum has some problems with high network fees, so probably the dropdown also has something to do with this.

Now like i said, ethereum right now has High fees, so part of the lower ad ratio revenue maybe to cover the payment fees for them at the end of this month. For example at the beginning of this month uphold had a 30BAT network fee for taking out BAT to other wallets, now is a little lower, but is the same or us because if they also have to pay that fee, well, more fees for them mean less BAT for us.

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