Brave rewards little

When I look at brave regional ads, the number of bat tokens it gives to ads is 0.005 every day, won’t this change?

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It depends on the value of bat. The higher it goes, the less bat you get.
Some years ago we got 0.5 bat per ad. But 1 bat was only worth like 5 cents max.

I’m just curious, what amount used to be a normal payout back then?

Hey. It’s 0.005 at the moment but (I think) the payment is directly related to the BAT price. When prices go down I’ve seen payments increase to 0.010 but when price goes back up we were back to 0.005 again. With higher prices I’ve seen it reduce to 0.003, and I’m pretty certain (but could be wrong) I’ve seen 0.001 at some point last year too.

hope 1 bat will rise to 100$ :upside_down_face:

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Not much different from now. Since the more value BAT gets, the less BAT you get per ad. If you saved them you got a good amount out of it when it increased in value obviously.

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Completely agree with you. BAT was 16 cents when I started. Used part to buy BTC (under 10K); and ETH (under 350) and HODLed since then - definitely great value over time! :+1:

Yeah, I know but I meant payout in BAT.

Update posted.

Update on Questions around Estimated Earnings for April Payout

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Yea, I just got the payment in to uphold from my desktop.

Current earnings before reset : 8.299 BAT
Remaining after reset : 1.615 BAT

March Rewards pending : +6.694 BAT
Incoming Uphold : 8.355235706767778816 BAT

Ads received : 862

Just to leave it here.

Oh! So you got more than as shown in “X BAT will arrive in Y days” banner and even more than estimated earnings of March. Nice.

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