Estimated Earnings on new tab drops from around 29 bat to 0.8 around 10 mins ago

I’m on MacOS Big Sur with Brave V1.23.71
I was just using the browser as normal and noticed I was a little over 29 BAT, watched some YouTube and clicked on a few notification/ads from Brave.
Then opened a new tab and my Estimated Earnings dropped. I didn’t take any action to claim and my verified wallet does not show the BAT was sent my way.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

Same exact thing just happened to me. Although not as drastic. Went from about $4 to 3.19. I have a screen shot of this morning when it showed $3.89.


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Thanks for that link, are you one of the people that was affected? Wondering if they are just fixing the problem or are they also going to find the lost rewards. @steeven should I DM you some details to track this down?

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