Just lost 0.125 BAT from my February earnings and my January payout should be 3.225, but listed at 3.11

Anyone else experiencing this? I know they are dealing with the Gemini issue, but it seems like they might have another bug.

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Hey bro see this Drop in Brave Rewards Estimated Earnings in Brave 1.35 Release
if you update the browser it will be solved

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The Brave on my desktop is updated to version 1.35.100, which came out yesterday. Is there a newer version? Or are you saying whenever they issue a new update this will be fixed?

just saw this:



Sorry everybody, I think this is a regression in the recent 1.35 release and we’ve figured out the problem. We are working on a hotfix now. It is important to note that no BAT is lost here, this is just a display bug. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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