Lost bat from updating Brave

Hello, I updated to the newest brave browser but when I did a lot of my bat from this month got removed. Before the update I had ~24 bat, but after the update it says i now only have 8.4 bat.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.7.92 MacOS

It may be due to the change to the way grants work that we recently implemented:

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I was already on the latest version of Brave Browser before yesterday which showed i had 24 bat (from my april rewards only). I’ve don’t think I’ve ever even claimed a grand before.

Do you know whether or not you had the auto-contribute feature enabled? Additionally, is your wallet verified?

I did not have auto contribute on and brave is not showing that any of my bat was contributed.

Also I do have my wallet verified.

Can you check your transaction history in Uphold and see if there are any funds going in or out recorded there?

No uphold transactions are showing in the last 7 days and the bat went missing yesterday. I saw my estimated earnings right before I updated when they were correct at ~24, and then as soon as i opened the browser after updating they went down to 8.

Hi @gabewil - can you send a note to Refunds@brave with your Rewards Internals info and the amount you need refunded?

Alright, I sent it. Thanks

Awesome - thanks for your patience @gabewil.

My account has been blocked. Writes pending. Two years have already passed. Help me please.

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