Error with bookmarks HTML?

Hello, i have a little issue, i exported the html file from brave (win10) before format, and now I installed brave (win11) and when I impot the bookmarks from de html file it does nothing

Thank you for reaching out.
If you open the bookmarks .html file, do you see your bookmarks listed here as intended? Additionally, can you tell me where you saved the exported file to?

Hello, thank you for the reply

No, i don’t see them listed
and i saved in a new USB to do the backup

So the HTML file is just blank? Further (just to confirm) the USB was not formatted in any way? Process was just:

  1. Export Bookmarks as HTML
  2. Put .html file on flash drive
  3. Update to Win11
  4. Insert flash drive and import .html file

Is that correct?

yes, the HTML is blank (i don’t know why), and the flash drive wasn’t formatted

and yes, that was exactly how the process was

Thank you for confirming.
I will report this to the team but I cannot reproduce this issue on my end. Just tested on two different Win10 devices and both of them exported the .html file properly.

Hope to have some more information for you soon.

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