Unable to import Bookmarks via HTML file

I have recently changed PC computers due to a change in employment. I have the bookmark.html file from my old computer. I can view all the source code, but nothing happens when I try to import the file.

I receive a confirmation pop-up as though the bookmarks have been imported (see below), but they are not shown in my browser.

I have tried uploading multiple times with no success.

Brave Version: 1.49.128

Windows 10 Enterprise - OS Build 19045.2728

Hello @UltraRNR

could you go to brave://bookmarks/ then click on the 3 vertical dot that on the top right corner of the screen then import the bookmark

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thank you, but unfortunately that is where I get the image that was posted. Brave says they are imported, but they do not appear within the browser.

you welcome but the above image show up only when you go to brave://settings/importData not when you go to brave://bookmarks/
so copy brave://bookmarks/ in the address bar then press enter then follow the process above

if that what you get again then could you go to menu and create new profile and see if it act normally or not

I went to the brave://bookmarks page and added from there. Still no luck.

When you view the file, the bookmarks are still there but they are not being imported:

I do not see a place to create a new profile; only to rename the existing profile. Am I missing it somewhere?

now i got the issue the old bookmark file you have use json format while the new one use html

let me see if i can find away to convert it

Thanks!!! It downloaded as a file with no extension. I added the .HTML so that Brave would find it. I still have the original file as well.

here is a way without any convert needed but read the whole process before doing any thing

  1. do you have any bookmark if yes then go to brave://bookmarks/ then export it to a new file

  2. go to brave://version/ then look for Profile Path in front of it there the location of your current profile on your local storage copy it

  3. close brave and make sure it not running on the background (check the task manager)

  4. open the folder that you copy from step 3

  5. look for file called Bookmarks (notice there another file named Bookmarks.bak leave this one as it is) rename it to any other name maybe oldbookmark

  6. rename the file that has your bookmark that you was trying to import to Bookmarks make sure it has no extension (by default windows hide file extension for known type check this one to show the file extension https://www.howtogeek.com/205086/beginner-how-to-make-windows-show-file-extensions/)

  7. copy the file from step 6 into the same location from step 4

  8. open brave and make sure the bookmark is there

  9. if you had another bookmarks from step 1 then you can go to brave://bookmarks/ and add new folder then import the file from step on into that folder

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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the default exported/imported bookmark is html file structure but your file is json structure it’s not about file extension but about the actual file data so rename it would not make difference like if you rename video file to jpeg then if you opened it with your media player it still play the video normally

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@justsomeone1 Nailed it! Thanks!!!

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you welcome @UltraRNR :joy:

now go to bookmark and export it so you have the correct file in case if you needed it in the future you can open the exported file with an text editor like note pad or word to see the file difference

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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