How to import old Brave Bookmarks with a Brave file without HTML?

My browser crashed, and would not re-start. Therefore, I lost the ability to export my bookmarks as an HTML file. However, I did find the location of the Bookmarks file without the HTML extension. And when I opened it in Notepad++ the links are all there. However, however, after opening this file and “Save As” an HTML, Brave seems to import it, but not really, as there is nothing in the Bookmark Manager.

I read an old post on the internet that this Bookmark file was the one I needed, but he gave no info what to do with it after you find it! Is there anyway to import this Brave Bookmark file that has no extension into Brave? I also tried just adding the HTML extension to the file name directly. But still nothing. Please help!

Hello, I JUST figured the solution out: Simply, move the “Bookmarks” file (without quotation marks or file-extension to the “Default” directory. That’s it!

It just popped into my head - while I was thinking/doing something totally unrelated, about an hour later. Hahaha :slight_smile:

…and, don’t forget to backup your bookmarks regularly, yo! I had over 100 saved for research references. What a loss that would have been

Glad you could get it fixed yourself…

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