Import brave bookmarks file (not in .html)

I had some problems with my pc and after rebooting there are no bookmarks in my browser.
I found bookmarks but it wasnt in .html just blank file.
I found inside of it this type of “bookmarks”

            "children": [ {
               "date_added": "13271599718000000",
               "date_last_used": "0",
               "guid": "8aed9ec9-38de-4b72-9d3f-e92a25d271ab",
               "id": "15",
               "name": "",
               "type": "url",
               "url": ""

i wanted to make a .html file from this but it didnt worked for Brave and it doesnt look like exported bookmarks.
Any idea how to fix that?
Also i lost my browse history but im pretty sure that its not beacouse of mklink of cache folder.
bookmarks are very important for me i really need them back

I just saw that lot of files lost their filenames like .html .csv. I tried to convert passwords from sqlite to csv but brave doesnt accept it. I dont know what to do. I lost my bookmarks, history, passwords and probably something more

Not sure what is going on there, but in what folder did you find that?

Any chance you have a ‘bookmarks.bak’ still in that folder?

i moved cache folder but it was some tima ago and im 100% sure it’s not because of that.

yes i have all files even with passwords but brave doesnt read them because they dont have file extension
i spent 2-3 hours researching trying everything even downloading sqlite to check passwords that are encrypted :confused:

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