Error device limit reached

Hi I had to do some reinstalling and was unaware of the 4 max life time rule so please reset it for me . All I have is one phone and one pc in sync that’s it. Now I’m stuck forever :tired_face: plz help

Try this.

Still same problem bothing solved

@toodoo9011 So you submitted the unlinking request and both your devices still have the error? Am I understanding correctly?

How long has it been since you submitted the unlinking request? Posted the link to the Wallet Unlinking Request below for reference.

How to Submit a Wallet Unlinking Request

Yes I did all that they even sent me an email a few days ago it’s been processed. But the problem still persists I gave them the correct uphold member I’d and all that

Please see recent post

I think you should have been able to verify with at least one device then. Not sure why you are still getting the same message on both devices.

Tagging @Mattches and hopefully he can drop in and help or clarify problem.

Please submit a new request in the same form and I will ensure someone addresses it asap. Thank you.

Hi. I submitted my request to unlink here is the case number: 785550a7-477a-440b-aed3-4a09b6bedfec
Can someone assist me with it?

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Ok I just did it now with more information

If you haven’t yet received a response from us after submitting to the form, can you please send me a DM with the email you provided in the form to ensure someone takes a look? Thank you.


Thanks for your patience.

My email is [removed by mod]

I’ll be waiting for your response

Are we have to do that also to get response after submitting request?


Please edit your reply in order to REMOVE your e-mail address.

Please DO NOT reveal such personal info IN POSTS at this very public forum, the Brave Community.

IF you are asked by Brave Support, to send them a Direct Message (“DM”) . . .

Let us say that you want to send a Direct Message to @mattches - then in a Brave Browser window, go to:


Click on the Message button - looks like:


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Just fyi for everyone. We had an update today from Brave.

This is referencing them removing the device limits.



So everyone should be able to connect with no issues and device limits gone.


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Wow, It works!! Thank you!

fianlly ,thanks brave team

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