Device limit reached 2022

There were posts about this back in August, September, October 2021 but those threads are closed. I am still running into this issue. When will this be fixed?

I don’t really care about the crypto currency, but if you’re going to promise payouts and then have breaking bugs still causing trouble many months later, it seems like a broken promise. Please does anyone have an answer?

@kevwil There’s nothing broken. They announced long ago you get 4 device maximum in your lifetime to be associated with a wallet. Then they provided an Unlink form to be able to unlink a wallet once. While it’s true that they have also said that in the future they plan on expanding or eliminating the device limit, it’s just not been a priority at this time.

So if you are at your device limit, then follow the instructions at Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Or you can just jump straight to the form at Wallet unlinking request form

Hmm. I was unaware of either announcement. I never knew there was a limit, and just today learned it exists and is 4. I’ve never seen an Unlink form, I just get an error message. It appears to be a lifetime limit, even if you attempt to unlink a device. Now my primary browser has unclaimed rewards.

I will try the form and see what happens. If unlinking old/unused devices will clear the error, that’s great. If it’s a lifetime limit and my primary browser cannot function as intended, that’s my concern.

I’ve done the wallet unlinking request three times asking to keep only the two accounts in description but still cannot connect another wallet. I was thinking if I could resolve this by unlinking all the accounts and then link them all over again.

@Chuck I’m not sure when you submitted those requests, but I’d suggest following up with @Mattches if you haven’t so he can look into it. Obviously, I just tagged here in hopes he might notice.

Also, good news is we’ll be getting self service wallets soon.

It’s actually transitioned to In Progress on the BAT Roadmap, which is where they show everything that they are working on implementing into the browser. You can see it at

So within the next month or two, that just will be something we can do ourselves instead of having to contact Support each time.

understood, thanks. If it will be resolved in a couple of months there’s no need for another support ticket.

Hello, I was just surprise locked out of my account today telling me I’ve exceeded my limit. I had no idea this was ever a thing, and Brave sure does go out of it’s way to keep it a secret. Never once, EVER, was I warned across devices that I was about to hit some kind of ridiculous absurd limit of 4 (pure comedy, are you guys insane?)

So once we are locked out of these accounts with no repercussions it will make me want to uninstall Brave with extreme prejudice because there’s no way I’m going to look at unclaimed rewards for the rest of my life.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have no right to restrict peoples funds like this (well, according to your corny ass fine print that nobody reads maybe you do)

Absolute scum tier practices – the TeamViewer of the web browser world.

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i have also done it by unlinking the wallet form request but it has not solved my problem.

I filled out this form, how long does it take for them to respond?

sorry to hear that So how is fake id created?

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