Email Links Open New Window and Tries to Open Previous Version of Brave

On my Windows 10 laptop when I clink on a link in an email Brave opens a new window (I prefer new tab) and that window opens with a message that the version of Brave is no longer unsupported and I should update. I am running the current version of Brave. How can I get links to open in a new tab in my current window??

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@jdwalden can you share your Brave version?

I had been using 0.65.120. An update to 121 just installed. I tried
clicking on a link in an email message again. It opened a new window
and I get a full window message saying that I need to upgrade to the new
version. When I looked, that window opened in version 0.27.3??? I only
have the latest version in my Brave folder under Windows/Program Files

I am totally baffled.

@jdwalden so it’s seems that you have use Brave for some times. And ended up have 2 different versions of Brave installed on your machine.

This is the previous Brave (muon) that has been deprecated and replaced by the new Brave Browser (0.65.x and higher) a months ago.

Brave not uninstall the previous version to avoid data lost when Brave do “upgrade/migration” process from the old one.

You can uninstall the old version – make sure you uninstall the correct version. But before that, make sure you have your browser data imported from prev. Brave.

And recover your Brave Rewards wallet too (if you have any)

After that, you can set the new version as “default browser” in Settings.

That’s because the 0.27.x version is installed to %appdata%.

Apologize for the confusion.
Let me know if it’s still unclear.


I had a very early version. Now I am up to date. Do you know where I
could find it on my hard drive? I only have one “Brave” folder that I
can find.

That still leaves the question as to how I can get links to open in a
new tab, not a new window.

Thanks for your efforts.


I never found the folder, but going through app settings in Windows I
found the old version listed. Once I deleted it everything is fine.
Thanks for your help.


My son works for Mozilla, and I switched from Firefox about 4
months ago. I actually like Brave a lot better!!

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