Link open a new empty window

As I choose a link, it takes a few seconds and then open a new window, it does not open the choose link.


Could you send a gif or video to better show the problem cause I can’t see it.

Hierby a gif doc.


@eljuno please help out am just :confused:

As you see in picture Brave 03a I point a link in a pdf document, then W10 opens an empty window of Brave, the URL adres of the link has not been seen by Brave Brave 03b.


Thanks @Dgenies.
And apologies for late response @lucho50. I’m AFK for the past days.

Based on your screenshots, it seems that you have 2 Brave installations. Including the old, Muon version – 0.27.x. And everytime you open a link from external app, it’s open the Muon version instead of the new one (0.65.x). Because it seems the old version still set as default browser.

If you done import your browser data from 0.27.x to 0.65.x (1) including your Brave Rewards wallet (2), then you can uninstall the old version and set the new version as default.




@lucho50 and it seems you have MetaMask installed on your Muon version. Make sure to save the keys before uninstalling the old version.

Thank you for the tip. I just hat installed the new version but I did not check of the old versio was active, it was zo. I just have uninstalled the old version, and the information of Metamask is secured.
This topic can closed.


@eljuno thanks for handling that I couldn’t really understand the problem based off the gifs he sent @lucho50 we are always ready and happy to help

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