New Brave Browser Instances Open When I Click Link in Outlook

When I click on a link in an email (Outlook desktop) or in another program (like OneNote desktop), Brave opens a new instance of the browser instead of opening a new tab on the current open Brave browser.

I regularly click on links in trusted, known, emails and in my OneNote documents (such as bookmarked articles). In Chrome, a new tab is opened in the instance of the browser that is currently open - which is what I want and expect.

In Brave, at least one new browser instance is opened, and usually two, with the second one containing a result from a prior time when I had clicked on a link.

As with Chrome and other browsers, I expect that a new tab would open in the current browser instance.

This has been the case since I started using Brave.

Windows 10; Brave Version 0.67.124 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I installed Brave a long time ago but became frustrated over issues I could not resolve and went back to Chrome. Last week, I decided to update Brave and make it my default browser again. I’ve got several issues I cannot seem to resolve on my own. I apologize in advance for my multiple questions. I need to resolve these in order to be able to use Brave as my default browser without so many issues.

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In case anyone is following this post, I believe I’ve resolved the issue. A year ago when I first installed Brave, I ended up discontinuing its use because of all the issues I could not resolve.

The above issue was new with this attempt. When I opened Brave, it told me there was an update. I installed it not realizing that it had installed another version of Brave in addition to the existing installation. So when I clicked on links in Outlook or other programs, the old version of Brave was launching.

I determined which version was the “old” version, uninstalled it, and now new pages open in the open browser as a new tab.

One down, two to go!

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