Previous Brave Version still here

Description of the issue:

I upgraded to Brave 0.58.16 from 0.25.304. The last version is still here, even though I uninstalled it. When I open a link from my computer, it opens with the old version, and not the new one. In my programs remover, I can’t find the old one; neither directly on the disk :expressionless:

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I downloaded the new version and installed it while the previous one was open.

Expected result:
I expected that the older version would have been removed.

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You have to state what OS you’re running for someone to help you better. I understand some of the lines in the template are unnecessary but OS is quite pivotal.

I have the same issue. When I open the Brave browser manually, it opens the new version. If any software opens the default browser, which is Brave, it opens the old version. In the new version it is already set as default. I have no idea why it opens the old version rather than new version.

If the OS is important, it’s Windows 10.

There doesn’t seem to be any uninstaller wizard. I don’t know whether this leaves a bunch of obsolete files in your system directory or whatever but you can always just delete everything in the folder along with the old shortcut and create a new shortcut to the new exe.

Personally I wish I kept the old one, this new version feels like a beta.

Sorry, my OS is windows 8.

I finally removed everything manually and reinstalled. It’s okay now. Thanks!

I have the same issue. If I click a URL in a separate product like Evernote, it opens the old “Muon” version. I have “Brave” set as my default browser and much prefer the new Core version as it loads faster, bookmarks are much improved, and it doesn’t lose focus on the URL bar like the old version did.

Not sure what to do about this, as I have Brave set as my default browser but there doesn’t seem to be a way to tell it to use the new Core version. Really I don’t see any purpose for having the old Muon version at all any longer.

I am running into a similar issue. I manually uninstalled Brave Muon, and now I find that any links I open up in other applications return a “Unable to open (url)” error message. In addition, under Windows Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Set Defaults by App, the name “Brave” appears twice (my OS is Windows 10).

I fixed the problem by exporting bookmarks, then completely uninstalling Brave in Win 10, then reinstalling it from the brave web site. Problem is fixed. (I didn’t have to reimport bookmarks; I think there was an option in there to keep existing data when I uninstalled).

The Brave folks should no longer leave the old version on the machine when you upgrade. Overwrite it like just about every other app does, or at least install it as a different version so one can change the default browser setting away from the old version.


I have the same problem with Windows 10. I now have Brave installed twice and there is NO indicator which version is which.

This seems like a major oversight. First off, requiring a brand new install just to get the latest version feels like something from 10-20 years ago. Then the process leaving the old version around in a way the OS and Users are confused as to which is which.

I have been using Brave a long time. Maybe I never had a PC or OS install last from major version to major version, but this is ridiculous as I am now worried about loosing a lot of my settings (beyond bookmarks which I don’t really use) by having to uninstall everything and reinstall.

I hope this is something on the list to fix ASAP because if this model is still in place my next browser install will not be Brave.

Thank you.

@umbrae, I’d take a look here:

I didn’t have any issues upgrading other than the old version launches and the old and new version are just listed as Brave with the same icon. Since I don’t know what is what I had to uninstall Brave completely.

I will say that since I did not check delete my browsing history it appears the re-install kept all the settings. However this is not a good user experience.

As I said I expect this to be be more seamless in the future because if I am expected to “install” new versions outside of the standard update I will take the opportunity to try a new browser.

This process was awful and stressful. As a developer I rely on my browser and the settings I save in it. I don’t expect this kind of update, install, uninstall, reinstall process outside of new system setups. I have used a LOT of browsers and never had this kind of problem. Or like I said in at least the last 10 years.

That’s probably because most browsers you’ve used have been around for that long. Brave is still pre-1.0 with lots of changes on the way. I sent you that thread not because I thought you had problems with migration, but because it has file/executable locations for everything. If you’re having trouble seeing which Brave is which, then you can use that to reference.

Well the problem is that Windows only has the Icon and the word Brave. So even if I knew the executable I still wouldn’t know which to uninstall or set as default. I do appreciate you trying to help, but if this is a problem for technical folks then imagine the pains this causes normals.

And I take offense to the pre-1.0 as this is a common excuse in the new development culture or “early access”. Please tell me where on it tells me this is “not a finished product” or that it is “not suitable for production use”. It doesn’t. Make whatever version number you want, but this is being advertised as a completed product so it should not be unreasonable to expect a user friendly and seamless upgrading experience.

Don’t take this personally as I a frustrated; however, I think this feedback should be take to heart. If Brave Core wasn’t ready then maybe the previous version should have continued to get updates and not add a big message saying to upgrade. I am already struggling with features lost between the old and new version, so it does feel like the new version was not ready. Thus my frustration as I need a stable browser and has thus far been able to depend on Brave.

Your feedback is noted.

If you open your add/remove programs window and go to Brave, what options do you see listed there? Can you share a screenshot?

I would share a screenshot, but I already uninstalled both versions and reinstalled core.

In add/remove items basically show an icon and a name as well as the date installed and size. Clicking on it expands to show buttons to modify and uninstall. For Brave there were 2 items, same icon and same name, and both had the same installation date. One has a size listed and the other didn’t. Modify on both was grayed out.

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