Backup of BAT rewards locally and restore after formatting

How to backup my brave BAT rewards locally in my pc and restore it after formatting my pc?

@noneedhnn You’ll look for where your Brave folder is, which you can see at the Profile Path at brave://version/ . Then you’ll perform a manual backup of the folder to an external drive, then add it to your newly formatted PC after. That’s assuming you’re saying you are Unverified. If you’re connected to Uphold or Gemini, you don’t have to worry about that.

Doing this should move over everything but Passwords. For passwords you’ll either need to transfer over via Sync or you’ll need to make sure to manually export them from brave://settings/passwords. If you’re using Sync for it, don’t forget the code changes daily. So you’ll want to make sure you either have a secondary device that can show the code or you’re adding it again on the same day.


Since I added more information, I want to make sure it’s understood Sync won’t do anything with Rewards. I just wanted to make sure as you’re moving data over, you’re considering your options for keeping things like Bookmarks, Passwords, etc as well.

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