I lost all my BAT on my PC after the sinc

Please help me and give me back my BAT, I collected them from december

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Hi @Matt0
Welcome to the Brave community!
Can you please explain a little bit more about how you have lost the BAT?
In most cases, recovery of BAT is not possible if you don’t have a backup code!

Hi, Thank you.
I make the sync (android/windows) and after this i lose all my BAT on my pc, I’ve done the backup but it’s doesn’t work IDK why

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Connect your account with uphold! Keep using your browser without uninstalling!
I hope when you connect your account with uphold you will get all your BAT within next 30 days to your uphold account!

I’ve already connect my account to uphold, before the sync

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check out this post April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status

ok, another one question… how i can trasfert the BAT to uphold, i have a thing like 7 BAT on my phone, but i need 25 to verify my wallet…

If you already have an account on uphold then you just need to log in to your uphold account from your mobile browser!
Once you connect your uphold to brave mobile browser it will sync automatically every month!

If you haven’t verified your account yet then wait and collect $25 of BAT and then connect your uphold to your browser!

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