Downloads show up at the top beside search bar instead of at the bottom

Description of the issue:

I started using brave since 2021 and it was great so I kept using it. As of today 9th April, whenever I download any file it goes to the downloads icon at the top beside the search bar instead of showing up at the bottom. I prefer it showing up at the bottom itself rather than top.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Download any files in the latest version

Expected result:

At its current state the download will appear at the top beside the search bar and will go in the downloads icon.

Brave Version: v1.50.114 (Apr 5, 2023)

Note: I was checking the update logs and I am pretty sure it is called a download bubble.


one of the best updates ever. It’s faster than the one on edge

If you’re looking to change it back to the previous behavior, the fix for it is disabling these two options:

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Why has this been decided upon? If I wanted everything to look like Safari. I would’ve bought a Mac…

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