How do I restore the download bar?

Running v1.50.114 on macos. The latest update seems to have removed the download bar at the bottom and replaced it with some menu up near extensions.

How can I restore the old functionality of the download bar at the bottom?

Feedback: I don’t like that tiny menu icon for downloads. It’s too easy to miss. Bring back the option for having the larger bar at the bottom which showed the progress and filename.


Same issue here, I prefer to have the download bar at the bottom and would at least like that added back as an option. Do Not Like the icon at the top.


Go to brave://flags and set to disabled the following

  • Download bubble V2
  • Download bubble

Did this, still cannot find option to restore downloads bar at the bottom of screen. Also, the menu button (…) at the top right of the screen on the downloads page does not respond to clicks. It used to hang the browser because of the large download list after an update earlier in April, but since I managed to clear the list on exit, it’s not crashing anymore, but the button is still unresponsive.

Weird. That does the trick. Are you sure you restarted browser after that?

Sure, many times.
Also the option of showing the download bar does not appear on the download settings screen. Where should it be if not there?

@Saoiray could I be missing something?

@da16fd70d17 you never did reply again after you did your initial post. Has it been resolved for you or you still having issues?

@jman2k before I go in to read and assist, I want to say that it’s helpful when you can create your own topic. The last movement on this topic was 17 days ago. There already were two people who had commented with the issue, neither of whom have responded to say if SmartyAadi’s solution worked for them.

As to your own issue, are we to assume you’re on the same MacOS and Brave version of theirs?

Are you saying you went to brave://flags and disabled the download bubble notification?

Because there’s no button for it. If you disable the download bubble, then it goes back to the default setting of going to the bottom of your screen.

This would be a separate issue to open up. Then people would do all the basic troubleshooting of checking in private window, creating a new profile, etc. Again though, probably should be its own topic rather than discussed here.

sorry, not using Mac but Win10Pro.
I’m using my old profile where everything was working right until about 1 month ago when d/l bar was replaced by that button.

@jman2k just saw someone else post with issue. I provided link here and tagged @Mattches. At this point I have a lot of things I could suggest or ask, but since I’m not sure the exactly where to go with it, I’ll just try to have him handle. Especially if it might just be something affecting multiple users.

I can confirm the change worked fine for me. Disable, Disable, Relaunch, Good to go.

Well, it works in changing up the download to the old type. But if the bubble notifications are causing browsers to lag/freeze, then it’s at least something I wanted to make sure we’re tagging support on.

I know I hate the bubble notifications, so I disabled immediately when I saw I could. If I absolutely have to enable again for testing, I will. But overall attempting to avoid. (^_^)

I’m looking into this but its still unclear whether or not the download bubble itself is causing the crash. I cannot reproduce this on my end on macOS or Windows.

This thread originally started due to OP simply wanting to get the download bar at the bottom back — can anyone else here seeing the browser crash/go unresponsive confirm whether or not disabling the download bubble option in flags stopped the browser from crashing?

Thank you

I disable the bubble options in Brave and it is back to normal thank you jman2k it worked perfectly.

I toggled the bubble options off and the dropdown download menu persists. I miss the downloads bar. Windows 10 Home edition 64bit.

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