Double-clicking icon doesn't open Brave browser window

When I try to open Brave, it only opens in the system tray. I can hover over the icon there and see the website, but I cannot open the browser window. Also, no matter how many times I try to close the program in the system tray, it still leaves one page there.
I searched for this issue and found this closed discussion:

I tried the solution that worked for this person, but it didn’t work for me.

Can you please try opening the Windows task manager and closing any Brave related processes (open windows, updaters, etc) and then try launching the browser again?

Yes, I tried that too, but it changes nothing. I tried it again, just to be sure.

I just tried your suggestion and then the suggestion from the previous post (Windows icon + R, …) and it worked!

Have you downloaded Brave from places other than the official Brave website?

It could also be because your browser did not install an update correctly. I am certainly no expert, but it is not normal that the Browser only opens when it is from Windows + R

Also try to find out if you are using the latest version of Brave.

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