Don't understand, help me, please


hello. for each confirmed browser downloaded about $ 5 is paid, right? Why do I have 16 confirmed, and only 20 dollars?


Hi @CastroCryptos,
Yes, it’s $5/confirmed referral.

It may because Brave not process it yet. Brave will process the confirmed referral once a month since it require the user to use Brave for 30 days.

cc @Asad


but, if it had not been confirmed, he would not have gotten into the confirmed section. not?


You are correct. It should be $5 USD for each confirmation. Can you please PM me the email address you use to login? I will file a bug report.


is ready. check your please personal message


FYI – this is a confirmed bug. We are working on a fix!


please, help me.

I thought if a person downloads a browser, then he goes to the download section, and if he uses it within 30 days, then the confirmed user. all right?
if yes, then I currently have 32 users who have used the browser for 30 days, but I received payment for only 20-21 people.


Is it normal that from the 21st to the 23rd every day there are confirmed downloads, and then a pause for 5 days and then on the 28th there are confirmations?
The fact is that every day I publish new materials about the browser, and about 20 downloads were stable every day. I doubt a little about the results, can it be that for some confirmed downloads there is no payment?
ps: I have 32 pieces in the currently confirmed section, but in my opinion I got the payment for 17. If you give a logical answer, I will be grateful. thank.


I am 100% sure that there were downloads on January 24-27, too, because I don’t miss a single day and make new materials for my audience about the browser every day


As I mentioned above, this is a known bug. You aren’t crazy. We’re working on a fix right now! Apologies for the inconvenience.


thank you for trying to solve the problem

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