Referral confirmations

Hi Brave support,

My website have been promoting Brave heavily.
So far about 5435 downloaded, 1432 installed but only 152 confirmed.

  1. Can the backend check for my ref code that the confirmations are done correctly?

  2. I check how the confirmation is done via the source code under github. It seems that 30 times confirmation is needed. And there is a 24 hours gap in between them. So if ref code is kept for 90 days (according to’s-Use-of-Referral-Codes). The user basically have to set this browser as default browser if not it is almost impossible for it to be a confirmed referral.

I think it’s best for brave to change this to 120 days as it gives the user more time to use the browser and we should see more confirmation. 90 days is too short for 30 times confirmation. (with a 24 hours gap somemore) I hope the brave team can consider.

  1. The graph showing our referral stats are showing duplicate numbers from other dates. Please fix it.

Thank you for your support.

Hi Lucas, thanks for letting us know. I was able to reproduce this behavior myself as well. I’ve let the publishers team know to take a look! We will have more details for you soon.

After checking through Brave github.
I noticed the team just added support for referral tracking for android about 1 week ago.

That means all these while android or ios installs have not been tracked.
It can explain why we are seeing downloads but not much installs and confirmations.

I hope someone from the team can explain my findings.

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Hi @Asad

Can I have an update as it has been 2 weeks since you last reply me.
I want to know what has been fixed so that our promotion of brave browser does not goes to waste.


I have emailed @Asad directly and issues has been addressed.
We can close this thread now.