Don't ruin this browser, please

Please immediately either correct the horrible decision to put a bar at the bottom of my browser, or immediately give me an option to put it back at the top where it should have stayed.

Did this build idea even get tested!? You put the refresh button directly above the back button on my S9. I already accidentally hit it once trying to refresh a page. And now when I’m scrolling buttons get accidentally pressed.

Feeling urge to give Chrome the power of my data back. Brave had so much promise.


I just posted about this problem, but from your post I understand this was by choice!?

On that case I can only agree. Please, PLEASE dear Brave developers, do NOT mess up the GUI with the horrible decision to move the menu bar to the bottom. It’s SO inconvenient.

At least make it an option, so we can choose in Settings whether to have the menu buttons at the top (where they used to be, next to the address bar, where all controls are and where your hand doesn’t cover the entire screen when pressing hem) or at the bottom for the rare souls who actually prefer it that way.


It sucks that Samsung decided to put the back button on the WRONG SIDE

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It is the worst! Back button on the right here under the refresh as well causing same problem, also muscle memory problems but the WORST is I can’t use the menu when my keyboard is open which causes so many headaches… I know I have a terrible keyboard but still. The keyboard doesnt have an easy way to close and so sometimes now I have to close brave and reopen to use the main menu! Gonna have to change browsers if o can’t switch this off soon.


This is exactly how Microsoft continues to ruin its O.S. by forcing changes that users hate instead of making it optional.


Thank god I was not the only one. Had to make an account for this. I don’t have the biggest screen, this bar with features I never use, should not take up the space at all times. It doesn’t go away either. Seriously, this is worse than ads.
Give me options, don’t force a radical UX change like this.

I fucking beg you, you guys are killing it, but this has to go.


I agree with you all. That was a terrible choice.

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Cannot believe that you messed up such a beautiful thing. Did u test this on ppl? Could not believe when I wasn’t able to put it back like it was. Wtvr. Can get a bigger look-see in another android browser. TWO bars across the screen. Uh, no.

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Can’t you still switch the buttons?

An issue has been opened a week ago :
Hope they’ll fix this soon !

I have never been on a board before in my life but these changes are a travesty. This is a disaster. Back to the old rev or back to FIREFOX.

@DontRuinThisBrowser. Thanks for sharing your feedback, The issues are already logged and will be addressed soon. Please track the issues here.


I am pleased that the navigation bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen. It is easier to operate. Do not go back to the old, clunky way.

Never fear: