Bottom toolbar is awful, how to change it to the top again

How to get bottom toolbar back at the top? I can’t find that. If there is no option to do that it’s pure absurd! Why instead of adding new feature, you także away another? Why you don’t just give users choice!?

I can’t use my browser now!! It’s terrible

Yeah, I’m just going back to waterfox until there’s an option to change it back

We appreciate your feedback. Please remember that this is the first implementation of many new design and general app changes – while I can’t guarantee you that we will implement the feature or option that you (or anyone) “must have”, I can guarantee that we read and consider all of our users feedback (truly – we read it all)and take it seriously.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work hard to ensure browsing Brave is a smooth and satisfying experience for everyone.

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Hej there.
I really love this browser and I appriciate that you are trying out new stuff. But I have to say that I also much prefer the “old”-version of the toolbar. It would be really nice to have an option to change back and forth between the old toolbar and the new bottom toolbar.

Keep up the good work


I have to agree with some of the other commenters here. The bottom toolbar is awful and makes the browser pretty much unusable for me, I have shifted to an alternate browser while waiting to see if this gets fixed.

  • The new toolbar doesn’t save any space or save me reaching to the top of the screen, with the address bar still at the top of the screen I now have two areas that I need to interact with, and there are now two full sized bars covering the content.

  • It would have been significantly better in my opinion to have left the old tool/address bar alone and simply moved it to the bottom. This wouldn’t have wasted any more space and would still move navigation elements to the bottom of the display. In addition it would have been simple to make that an option the user could choose.

  • A change of this type should have been optional. I appreciate trying new things, but not significant UI/workflow changes without warning or options to revert. Muscle memory in something as often used as a browser is hard to overcome, when an unpleasant change like this is made its easier for me to switch browsers than get used to the change.

  • Ideally the whole UI and toolbar should have reasonable configuration options, let the user choose the position and what elements are included, including separate or combined tool and address bars and everyone will be happy.

tl;dr Bad change is bad, roll it back or add some options please.


Not a very smart place to put the toolbar as the popup toolbar on Android goes right on top of it and now we have to wait until the Android toolbar times out and goes down before we can use the Brave one on the bottom. Please don’t be like Microsoft and make unilateral changes to layout without giving options for us to keep what we already loved. (notice the past tense). If you don’t allow us option I will be done with your browser. Have respect for your users please.

Very difficult to believe you. Just last month you changed a bunch by moving to Chromium base.

If you had our users best interest in mind, the Very Last thing you would to is make a major global change without the option to stay the same.

The truth? Just like Apple, you decide what is best for us … and we either follow or goa somewhere else.

Goodbye. I’ve had enough