How does one DISABLE the new Split (top/bottom) tool/navbar feature?



RE: Brave Moblie/Android Client:

Is there an option to disable the new split/bottum toolbar/navigation bar?

This is a significant usability departure from both prior versions and from the default Chrome mobile behavior. While I can understand that this layout may be desirable for some users - other users like myself DO NOT appreciate this change? IMHO, there should be an OPTION to turn this either ON or OFF.


Are you referring to the tabs, bookmark, home, etc? If so this is VERY irritating. I thought I did something wrong and am having a lot of trouble adjusting and not accidentally pressing buttons. Please someone tell me how to get it back to the top!!


This is unacceptable. Needs to have a setting to put it back like it was. If you cant give us the choice then I will use a different browser, which is a real shame because this “WAS” my favorite mobile browser.


I liked it too. When I thought it was my fault I uninstalled and lost all my bookmarks (prob. my fault but only made me more frustrated). I’ve already switched. It is not worth the hassle and annoyance of hitting the wrong button constantly


Yes I was! These familiar buttons have now been moved to a new bottom toolbar. There SHOULD be an option to disable this IMHO


This is insanity. Forcing users into your “better” ui. It should be an optional “enhancement”, turned off by default.

I have loved this app/browser since its inception.

I can’t support this


Who the fuck thought this new feature was a good idea seriously ?
How can developers come up with such stupid and counter intuitive toolbar ?

Brave is the only browser I appreciate but if I can’t disable or remove the new toolbar, I’ll uninstall Brave for Opera or Firefox.

I want the old settings NOW.


This is a problem. Big enough of a problem that I will be uninstalling Brave and will find another browser.

The new split toolbar is awful and unusable, especially in landscape mode. This bar is going to keep popping up every time I scroll up? That’s not going to work. Thanks, Brave team. You just broke my favorite browser. %#$&@*!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?


I signed up just to post this: the new bottom toolbar is unusable for me. I’ll have to find an alternative browser if there is no way to disable this


Pretty much a deal breaker for me too. I’m used to a “bottom of the screen” way of inputting in the omnibar (duet on chrome or a bottom bar) and this takes it away to provide me with a bunch of options I don’t need.

Will go back to chrome if this change is irreversible


I am glad I found this thread. I was about to delete it and reinstalled it. I could not figure out what I did to change it. I went to bookmark page and found it was gone. It was about 5 min later that I figure it was on the bottom. I am not sure I like it. I have a lg thinQ so I have the option to hide the bottom buttons of the phone. This way I am not pressing them while pressing the new bookmark buttons at the bottom. I rather them at the top. Maybe I am not giving it a chance but I really didn’t have a problem with them being at the top. The problem I am having is when I want to go back to the last page, I have to do it in a way not to press the tool buttons and find the hidden buttons to go back. Kind of hard to navigate. I think this would work better if my phone had physical buttons like it did on my old Samsung phone 6. With this phone the buttons are on the screen now… I am not sure if it is this way with the new models of samsung. Yea I don’t really like it.


For those interested, there is a new issue open on this topic at the GitHub repo: (go ahead and also amplify your voice there if you wish)


Someone said it may be possible to reinstall a previous version of the app. Does anyone have an idea of if this is possible or how to do so?


I was disappointed to find no option to disable it. The concept is nice for some people I’m sure, I just wish it was optional. I don’t need to make new tabs or hit the home button enough to require separate screen space at the bottom for my thumb.

My biggest complaint is that it covers text. The top bar pushes text down when you scroll up. This covers it entirely.


You guys totally ruined my experience and I just lost all my open tabs many of which were very important to me.

Because the close all tabs button is at the bottom, I accidentally hit it. And lost everything! WTF!!!


Sent in an email to the support email given. Got an email that it said to post here. I am so f-ing pissed right now that I made an account just to f-ing say it again. FIX YOUR CRAP. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I don’t know what inbred f***monkey thought ‘hey imma pick my nose now, hey let’s tell the customers/consumers that we know how they should use their phone better than THEY know. They will appreciate that. Ignore that people are different, have different tastes, different uses, and different wants. Just change the whole setup and they will learn to like it!’.

That guy. Fire that guy. With a cannon into traffic.


I also intensely dislike the split navbar, and I joined just to give this feedback.

When I want to open a new tab, I want to be next to the URL bar so I can start typing to search. As it stands, I had to just figure out how the thing worked (which admittedly took a while since it is absolutely counterintuitive - Android settings are AT THE TOP) and then now have to move my hand across the entire length of my screen, which is a LARGE screen, do to an extremely basic task. This is a really bad usability change from my perspective and it should be optional or reverted.

That’s to say nothing about losing another band of screen real estate when there is literally no reason for it (and scrolling up to show the UI so I can get to something on the bottom of the screen? Really? How does that make any intuitive sense whatsoever?).

And guess what’s still at the top of the screen? the Brave icon, which I have clicked on zero times ever in using Brave mobile in the last two years.

I realize that Brave wants to be differentiated from the Chromium project, but if you’re being honest Google has spent a lot of time and money on the UI, and there’s a reason why it’s all at the top.


It’s so frustrating that it’s not possible to change this in the settings. I found a solution to go back to the previous layout with navbar on the top. You need to download the previous version e.g. from here and install the apk file (it will automatically replace the current version)


I couldn’t deal with the move to the bottom bar. I discovered bromite ( which seems to do what I was using Brave for, chrome with adblock. I’ll move back to Brave if this bottom bar changes back or becomes optional

Brave's menu bar is suddenly at bottom of screen, how to move it back up? (Android)

Thanks I’m downloading that now, this is definite deal breaker. Bye Brave