Address bar on bottom would be amazing

Tried it on other browsers and with all the big phones, reaching the address bar on bottom is so much easier and would make browsing much better

There is a setting for this in the Appearance section.

At least on the stable that setting doesnt move the address bar down, just places a tool bar on bottom but the address bar remains on top

Oh goodness, @teobb I’m sorry. Totally did not read your question carefully enough. :man_facepalming:t2:


No problem :smiley: I hope a developer reads it! It’s a very smart feature that makes the browser more comfortabe to use and it’s very possible to implement :smiley:
So far Samsung Internet, Vivaldi, Kiwi (those are chromium based) have it as a setting, so I think Brave developers teams should be able to implement it too

Yeah I use firefox also, and it has a really well designed bottom toolbar.

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Yes, me too, I wish they could “copy” the bottom URL bar and the speed dial tiles in new page from them, not sure if an actual developer will ever read me tho


UPDATE: I’ve learned that Kiwi browser is full open source (also Chromium based) and implements the bottom URL bar, so I think the code could be forked into Brave from it


Like this one

Toggle is under accessibility

I will check out the mentioned browsers, perhaps they are more what I’m looking for - no reason to wait around for Brave to get serious with Android.

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I hope a developer read us, if you want to check other browsers with bottom URL bar I found: kiwi, Vivaldi, Samsung browser, Firefox but there are more and except for Firefox they are all chromium based