Brave's menu bar is suddenly at bottom of screen, how to move it back up? (Android)



Description of the issue:

Since yesterday, the menu bar in Brave (Android) is suddenly at the bottom of the screen. I have never seen this before, and I have certainly not configured this myself.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Expected result:

Menu bar should be at the top, where it has always been

Reproduces how often:

Always, it is like this since yesterday (march 15th 2019)

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in Settings):

Brave 1.0.88, Chromium 72.0.3626.121

Mobile Device details

Nexus 5X

Android/iOS Version

Android 8.1.0

Additional Information:

Android section

Please actually be decent devs, realize you completely screwed up, own the issue, and fix it quickly. Don’t be another corporate loser company that refuses to recognize they screw up. I have been enjoying Chrome’s bottom menu bar free browser all day.


I thought it is a feature. Anyways, I like it.


Please make it an option, I really don’t like it, my muscle memory is not happy.


Same here, gmail default theme changed at the same time… without any input from me. Put the menu bar back at the top where it was. Why do these devs continually think they have to change this stuff without any warning or input from us? Rude as he’ll.


Devs, you are ruining a good browser by forcing users to have the menu bar at the bottom. Make it optional.


I agree, it’s terrible. Waste of screen space and clumsy beyond belief. Also the way tabs work is also totally inane. Will be looking for the old version to roll back.


I’m usually open to change but the decision to move the menu to the bottom of the screen is one of the worst UX choices I have ever experienced. It makes sense as an option, but don’t force it to users. Brave should make a big deal (press releases) out of solving the issue when it’s ready so users know when to come back. Until then, I’ll have to give my data back to Google, at least Chrome is still useable.


I agree, I am going back to Chrome until they fix this issue or at least make it optional for those they want in on the top or the bottom.


WTF is wrong with you guys? I just lost ALL of my open tabs because of this!

I keep a lot of tabs open of things I have been tracking for years.

Now they are all gone because of this stupid decision. Why did you move the menu? Why can’t I move it it back? Why did you even change it?

I am so damn pissed off and will be uninstalling. I didn’t even have a choice!

I just lost a lot of info that was important to me and my business.


This change is not for everyone.
Certainly not for me.
Its simply not worth using brave anymore with this new klunkiness.
I have somewhat small hands and this change makes it very awkward to reach up and down the phone back and forth all the time. its absurdly uncomfortable.
unless i death grip my phone, I have to be extra careful not to drop it when making these weird top of screen, bottom, top, bottom again movements
I’m sure some people like it, thats fine.


include a setting for the menu bar being placed at the top or bottom.

I’m going to have to find another browser to use in the meantime.
I hope this gets fixed quickly, otherwise I’ll need to move all the tabs into a different browser which will be time consuming since I have about 75, as well as moving all my bookmarks.



I am sure there was a request to change the place. It is ok, but please make an option .

I have large phone and I am one-handed user. My finger breaks.

I hate the Chrome but I have to move back due to ergonomical issue.


Same problem here… Please replace at the top! Or make it optional at least!


This was my answer: How does one DISABLE the new Split (top/bottom) tool/navbar feature?


I agree, while I appreciate the devs’ attempt to be innovative and differentiate from Chrome, these kinds of things should be optional and allow users to toggle them in the settings.


We already have issues logged asking for this option to be available as well as to implement alternative solutions:

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