Donate the ad money you got for the Vbat don't just steal it

Brave must know how little support they have for lot of countries when it comes to getting verified so how can they stop Vbats. The massive loss of user base should at least give them pause. If you add the theft of the vbat that are in user accounts its criminal. If they are forcing us to donate our vbat and stealing the rest then shouldn’t they donate the ad money they got for that vbat to worthy charity.


Can someone estimate how much money brave is going to make from the stealing of vbat ?

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So far as I am aware (I could be wrong) they are not stealing it, they are donating it to Brave Creators (one or two of which are charities, e.g. Save the Children)?

Proof? Because I thought we are supposed to share it with creators or all off vbat will disappear?

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I said as far as I was aware and could be wrong, which I was it seems. Apparently unless you donate your BAT it will be lost

That word ‘Lost’ that’s the word they are using but they aren’t lost are they. Brave already got paid when those users watched those ads. When those Vbat get 'Lost’:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: by brave it’s just means they are going to pocket those ad revenues without paying the users

That’s why those profits should be donated also.


I had a think about that (we can only speculate at present). Perhaps (as 99.82% of the total supply of 1,500,000,000 BAT are already in circulation) “lost” BAT might go back into circulation to be dished out as rewards? And I wonder what happens to our rewards when 100% is in circulation… :thinking:

Bat supply is capped :thinking:

Didn’t know that?

Still there should be more transparency than saying that your bat will be lost


Yeah, its capped, and I agree re lost BAT.

Impossible, since there are no official numbers about how many users are left out of choice, and their amount of vBat at the moment.
Checking the price of BAT when Brave sold to ads publishers, and checking the price of BAT at the moment when vBAt will terminate.
They may lose, or they may have a gain.

How do you like crapitalism, now?

It’s just billionaires doing what billionaires do.

‘It gives up the id, or it doesn’t get the bat.’

Each instance of compliance by the brave team is just one more bar in our collective cells.
What they need to bear in mind is that powermongers kill those that put them in power just as quick as they get in.
The powermongers know that the people that put them there could have just as easily put someone else there.

Ergo, ‘off with their heads’.

From the looks of it brave got what it wanted from brave rewards which was a user base. Now they just want to focus on the browser and let BAT fade in background. I mean when was the last time you heard the BAT being in news.

I lost half of my BATs and the others I have to beg Uphold to let me withdraw.
But I also read that they will be generous with what belongs to others, those who cannot withdraw will have to give them away.
It is sad that even what should be serious ends up looking like a scam, because for each vBAT they have obtained advertising revenue at the expense of users that will never be rewarded.

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tehy practically doing it to boost its circulation and perhaps boost its value also. Since holding those tokens isnt a no go if you want to trade, invest, and earn at the same time.

Go on twitter, tag @brendan or @brendaneich, and tell him directly the concern. This community is only for the propaganda.

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I have verified Uphold account but they do not let me link to Brave saying that my country is not supported means even with verified Uphold account you cannot do nothing since they list countries that could use the service.

I just sold all my bat as sign of protest, don’t think anything else can be done. This move is kind of off putting seeing some people are going to lose BAT that they have collected for years from watching ads.

Nothing to fix here. Only logical thing to do would be too delay the decision of retirement of vbat until they have alternative solution . Which I don’t think is happening. :pensive:

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Those are vbat you can’t sell those without connection to third party. They are getting ‘lost’ next month by brave

Or tip a start-up channel ( ), couse obviously if someone would propose to you an exchange, the community will tag it as potential scamm.
Or here a list with all the verified creators