Any worthy causes I can donate my vBAT to before Brave 'steals' them from me?

As per the title, I am unable to cash out my vBats even though I have a verified Uphold account. This is all one big scam in my opinion and a massive rug-pull by Brave. They were paid millions by advertisers and their loyal users did their part to earn those BATS but Brave, instead of fulfilling their promises of alternative wallets over the past two years, have decided to rater just rob their loyal supporters of the tokens they earned.

So as per the title, are there any worthy causes I can donate my vBATS to so that somebody can at least get some befit out of this whole fraud?

1 Like and bitchute are good platforms, afaik.
Bitchute is supposed to be just one guy, and is a great resource for historical research.

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