My BAT funds were apparently stolen


The New Brave Rewards DOES NOT WORK! and my funds did not get distributed properly. So far to my knowledge I don’t know where my funds with because the history of payments sent was removed, however a notification popped up telling me that at least 40 BAT went to people who weren’t even apart of the Brave Publishers program! image

My whole contributors list got cleared, the contributions didn’t even go to the sites listed on my contributors list and further more they didn’t go to the right place! That is beyond a serious error that needs to be fixed. It’s really unbelievable. This update has not been an improvement so far.

Please redistribute my funds to the correct contributors and fix.



Literally none of my bat went to the verified sites I had listed and when I went to check my contributors list it was empty! That is ridiculous. There’s no way something like this could’ve been overlooked all this time.



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Hi @AnimaterCreator,

I’m sorry this is happening. :frowning: Rest assured there’s no way anyone could steal your BAT funds unless they had direct access to your publishers account.

I will check with the Rewards team and let them know that this is happening. This is the first report I’ve heard of this kind.



Hi again,

Quick update!

The notice you got above about users not being signed up is a glitch. If you know for a fact that any given site is verified via the Rewards back-end, for all intents and purposes it’s verified. The Rewards panel simply fails to display this sometimes.

The contributors list, also, is set to automatically clear every month. This is how the system works. Hope this answers your questions!



I had 117 BAT. Out of the 117 Bat At-least 60 of the BAT did not go to any of the contributors I had listed, and according to this notification the 40 apparently went to a site that wasn’t even apart of the program. So that’s over 100 BAT tokens in total that I don’t even know where it went. The 17 I still have because I guess “auto distribute” for 100 per month was ticked. However the main point i’m making is none of these tokens went to where they were supposed to go at all. The old browser payment system was simple. You could add and remove the sites you like then it would happen. With this one, it’s like playing Russian roulette. Sometimes the sites are removed, other times they stay stuck. You can’t manually add and auto adding is the only way to add so it adds everything without your permission. If you attempt to turn off, then basically no publishers are listed at all. Because of all this I currently just lost 100 BAT tokens that went somewhere that I don’t know. I just want that issue to be fixed, the BAT redistributed properly, and for it to be prevented in the future so no one else has to experience that. If it’s not a glitch, or bug, then I don’t know why someone would purposely make it that way. Lastly, I literally still don’t know where these tokens went. So it’s no way to confirm if this is an exploit or not and who’s behind it.

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It’s a glitch – we’ve identified a bug in where the BAT balance isn’t showing the proper amount. We’re making it one of our top priorities to get fixed.

Rewards is in beta – this testing phase is necessary for it to improve (detailed feedback like yours is also necessary for this; thank you for your comments)!


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