Error verifying as Brave Publisher w/ DNS Record



I was attempting to verify my site w/ Brave via adding a DNS record but upon clicking the “Verify DNS Record” button I kept getting the Heroku error screen. Therefore I assumed the verification didn’t process. I tried again this morning but now it says “Another person has already verified that site”.

So I assume the verification process did start, but I believe I changed the Value of the DNS record that I added, from my initial value that I tried to process when getting the error, to my second attempts value that was given this morning. Will this cause error during verification?

Hopefully that all makes sense :slight_smile:


cc @nvonpentz for help. :slight_smile:


Hi @kapn,

Since you received the “Another person has already verified that site” message, it is safe to assume that your site has been verified. Did you receive email confirmation?

Try logging in using the email address you used to verify the site. If that does not work, please share your domain name with me and I will take a look.


Hey @nvonpentz , thanks for the response.

I didn’t receive an email confirmation. Logging in brings me to the “Choose a Verification Method” screen.

Domain name:


I noticed in my Brave Preferences -> Payments I see a green check mark now next to the site. So I guess it has been verified, correct?

But I still can’t get passed the ‘Choose Verification Method’ screen to the Create Wallet screen.


Any update on this? @nvonpentz :thinking:


Sorry for the delay, @kapn.

That’s interesting. Thanks for troubleshooting, it is extremely helpful.

So, you’re domain is not verified according to the database, but the green checkmark implies that it is considered verified in one of our other databases.

I’m sharing this with the team, and will get back to you. Thanks for you patience on this.


@kapn We have cleared from our databases. Please create a new channel in it’s place and verify it like before. Sorry to make you go through the process again.

Please let me know how it goes.




@nvonpentz Thank you for the help.

I started the process again and got to the ‘Now verifying your domain…’ screen, but I never received a confirmation email. Its been a week, I just started the process again, so it now again says I will receive an email within 24 hours. Fingers crossed something happens this time, I’ll keep you posted in 24 hours :sunglasses:




Just took a look at your DNS records, and I think I’ve found a problem:

% dig txt
...        60    IN    TXT    "brave-ledger-verification=brave-ledger-verification=400aa21fe5501a4cb709f50b0522515eb89d0e7169f7028c5e07be4ef47d01be"

Could you please remove the first instance of brave-ledger-verification= so entire TXT record reads:


I think that will get the job done and should be verified ~1 hour after you make the change.



Perfect thanks for the help. I have received the confirmation email.


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