Does it mean I can't withdraw my earnings externally?

Hello guys,

From what I have read about the Brave wallets, does it mean that without Uphold, Gemini and bitfly, there is simply no way for me to withdraw my earnings or swap BATs to other currencies?

I am asking because, I am not able to register or signup with any of the above mentioned wallet providers because they are not available in my country. Is this my fault?
Someone please enlighten me on this.

Yes, you are 100% correct. In order to withdraw BAT from Rewards, you must connect the browser to one of the custodial partners that Brave supports. At this time, it is just Uphold, Gemini (if in United States), and Bitflyer (if in Japan).

Of course, this may not be a concern for much longer, as it seems you may not even be able to earn BAT anymore if you’re not in a supported region in upcoming updates.

Your question is coming at an awkward time, based on conversation you can see over at [Sweeping Changes] Brave Rewards Can Only be Earned in a Verified Profile and Is Brave fully removing the ability to earn Rewards for unverified users?

We will have more information in general on Tuesday, hopefully.

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Hmmm…So in other words, as Brave being a browser, it wouldn’t be beneficial to me in terms of earnings right?

If that’s true, its perfectly understandable. I would have to use it less and not expect anything in return. Because I turned to using only brave browser mainly because of its rewards. And if for some reason I wouldn’t be able to get this rewards, why keep the browser in the first place?

Anyway thank you Mr. Saoiray for your honest feedback and support. The world could use real and honest people like you to make it a better place. Wishing you all best of luck.

@DJAYSURVIVAL Well, there’s reasons to use the browser beyond Rewards, but I understand what you’re saying. I also want to point out there we’re looking to get more official information on Tuesday. Brave is always looking to expand and were talking of having more custodial partners added here in the future, as well as bringing support back to many countries where it has been removed for now.

To say you can’t get earnings, it will only apply if you don’t Verify with a partner such as Uphold, Gemini, or whoever they may decide to add in the future.

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Oh I get it. I see the sense in it. Well, I will keep my eyes open until then when I see that the custodian wallet or service providers are available in my country or suppers for that matter.

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