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I’m having a hard time for withdrawing BAT Rewards to Uphold. The reason is, UPHOLD doesn’t support all countries, I’m from Philippines and I reached out to them regarding this situation, they don’t support all countries to verify my account. The result is, people living in countries that is not supported by Uphold can’t use it.

Is there any other way to withdraw my BAT Rewards to different wallets aside from Uphold? Thank you very much.

p.s. please update an option to withdraw BAT Rewards to different wallet or a transfer option to integrated crypto wallet to Brave Browser

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Hi, @jl01794, another user from the Philippines was posting a week ago about this. This is the information I gave; you can click on it to read more:

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I also have the same problem when I want to withdraw the BAT from Uphold to a bank account in my country (I am from Mexico), this because Uphold does not have the option to deposit foreign currency to bank accounts in my country. And transferring the BAT from Uphold to another wallet is not an option for me due to the high commissions for using the Ethereum network.
So I would like to suggest that you choose to give Brave the possibility to deposit you directly to another wallet of the user’s preference, (In my case, I would like the BAT to be deposited to my Bitso wallet, since in it it gives me option to withdraw to a bank account in my country), this to avoid the commission of sending to another wallet.

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I believe there’s a possibility we will get more options in the future, especially as Brave is still “growing”.


And how am I supposed to do the transfer from uphold to airtm?

Thank you very much. I will use this way of withdrawing for the meantime.

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Next up – while I don’t have a specific date to give you at this time, will be the option to Verify user wallets w/ Gemini. I believe we will be looking into others as we move forward but again I do not have any specifics to give at this time.

Apologies for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience.

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Sounds like a good way to loose your bat

Actually, that platform have a lot of years working that way, and never heard a bad thing about them. For example Uphold is one platform known in Venezuela to send money if your family is trappe- ehem in there, just as the AirTM itself, and If a needed country like Venezuela trust in that page to make these transactions and don’t have any complain, I think it’s as functional as good.

Also legal matters applies if cashier don’t make their job properly.

This been talked about for awhile now, we really need more options, uphold is a choke point for so many which has even spawned a shady middle men market

nah, is legit but as with everything you has to be careful.

is the only way for people from Latin America to make use of their earned money other than donating it

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