Uphold and Gemini wallet not support on my country Bangladesh

I’m from Bangladesh and I’ve 3 bat on my account but the problem is Uphold and Gemini Wallet not available on my country Bangladesh. Please send my money to my Btc account or add some other wallet.

Hello Tusar,


Unfortunately, Uphold and Gemini are the exchanges that support BAT exchange at the moment.

There are a lot of terms, conditions, and regulation surrounding the crypto world, support for the BAT token will grow over time as Brave browser becomes more popular.

I do not mean to be a downer here, but you do not have “money” that the Brave team owes you.

They have awarded you BAT, their crypto token, as a form of reward for utilizing the browser and a feature that allows you to earn the token for your every day browsing. Whether or not BAT is available at an exchange in your region depends on many factors, many that are outside the control of the Brave team. They are working on bringing support for these regions back to Uphold and Gemini, however, for now, please be patient. Your BAT will accumulate in your browser, and when supported, will be eligible to be deposited into your Gemini/Uphold account.

They do not make any representation or claim that the BAT awarded to you can be withdrawn as anything except BAT, so the ability to exchange the currency is your responsibility. If you do not have support in your region currently, you can wait and see if it becomes available, but you won’t get getting BTC sent to you as an alternative.

You can find more information on this by visiting the page for Unsupported Regions


**I am not a member of the Brave Team, but rather a community member that wants to help find solutions. For official statements of the Brave team, please view the topics or pages they have created.

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Problem is, uphold supports BAT withdrawal, its brave that is putting a limitation here, not Uphold. Its Brave’s fault that people aren’t able to withdraw their BAT. Brave allows them for some regions and not for others. It should come out with a good reason as to why their is such a bifurcation

i’m change my moherboard and formatted my pc now brave browser say my country is not supported too

i’m from sri lanka

@divyansh101dabral Although Uphold may support BAT withdrawal, it is not as simple as that alone.

Exchanges such as Uphold are required to conform to regulations regarding Crypto and also have their own terms, conditions, and regulations surrounding the relationship between the exchange and Brave.

The Uphold Terms of Service allows for them to take your currency away from you without any compensation should they not deem you to be eligible in your country/region. With this said, Brave is doing their due diligence to make sure that this does not happen by withholding the BAT until any issues are resolved. If Brave was to deposit the BAT and Uphold was to remove it, without notice and without compensation, you would likely blame Brave.

I have to state this again, because it seems like there is a sense of being “owed” something from Brave. Brave does not owe you anything. The rewards system is not a source of income nor is it intended to be. It is a feature of a browser.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is that any time there is an opportunity to generate currency, there will be abuse. If Brave is experiencing a high percentage of abuse from a certain region, I would assume they would pause the service in that area so that the abuse does not negatively impact the service for everyone else, until they are able to review and resolve the abuse issue. I have already seen it from posts online, people that are using scripts, bots, and other methods to abuse the Brave reward system in order to generate income. It was not intended to be an income, especially by abusing the system. Additionally, Brave rewards are funded by advertisers (at least partially), which means that Brave must do their absolute best to stop any sort of abuse, as they owe that to their advertisers.

I, personally, am not understanding why there is so much impatience with something that is a really cool feature - Brave is doing what is best, to protect the service for everyone. The alternative would be for them not to put effort into this and to just let it go. Then BAT would crash terribly and be worth absolutely nothing, which would completely negate the purpose of the rewards program in the first place.

Again, Rewards are a feature of the browser. There are many more reasons to use Brave browser. It is my personal opinion that if you are solely using Brave for the rewards, you are not appreciating all it has to offer.

@pavara Sri Lanka is not currently supported. I previously linked the page for the unsupported regions, I would suggest checking that page for more information.

Would appreciate a to the point response more than being preached about not being owed stuff ( which i never claimed) or about why i should not use it only for bat (how and why i use is my business ). Thanks for the info about the uphold ToS

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