DNS probe error when sending a shared link to brave

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Description of the issue:
I use flynx to open links in the background for me and then from flynx I share them to brave (using brave a few days now).

But when I share a site from a different app to brave I get a DNS probe error and the link has a lot of % in it.

When I do exactly the same with a different browser, the website opens just fine.

When instead of sharing the link, I copy it and then paste it in brave, the website does load normally.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Explained above as well

I cleared the cache.
I am using a VPN but I doubt that is causing the issue because with other browsers it works normally.

Maybe related to secure DNS? If so, try disabling in Brave. I had to google flynx;

official website is dead. https://flynx.app/

The application hasn’t been updated since 2017;

From a stability/security aspect, Is there a more supported app that can do something similar?

Thank you for the fast reply.

In the meanwhile I’ve been diddling around with it more and also turned off the DNS as you suggested. Did not help.

Example of a link shared to brave as seen in the searchbar; http://astros%20overleven%20vliegende%20start%20braves%20en%20verkleinen%20achterstand%20in%20world%20series%20-%20https//nos.nl/l/2403924

Again, when I repeat the same share function to for example Firefox, it opens the site normally.

As for flynx, I know its not ideal. Had to came back to it because Firefox stopped with opening links in the background. I hope brave will implement this soon. Havnt found a decent replacement yet.

Not sure tbh, if you share a link (text http link) does it show anything different than other browsers?

Well if I share the link to firefox, the website loads normally.

Inside flynx if I have the option to share the link and copy the link.

When I share it, the problem is there.
But when I choose to copy the link, then go to brave manually, open a new tab and paste, it works as intended and the website loads properly.

Seems like the problem rests in between sharing (not copying or pressing a link directly) from an app (does not matter which app), and brave not handling the shared link very well.

If we look closer to the link I posted, the actual proper website is all the way in the back of the link except for a missing “:” in the http//.

I hope brave will have an implementation like Firefox once had, that clicking of sharing a link to brave, it will be opened in the background. Then when opening brave all the links that where saved in the background are opened within brave.

This is a feature a lot of Firefox users missed and are looking for still in browsers.

Have been testing a little bit more:

  • There are 2 apps (flynx and NOS) that give this problem. When i share (not copy) a link from those apps towards Brave the url looks like this " http://astros%20overleven%20vliegende%20start%20braves%20en%20verkleinen%20achterstand%20in%20world%20series%20-%20https://nos.nl/l/2403924 "

  • When i share the same link from the same apps towards firefox in the same way the url does work and it shows the page normally like https://nos.nl/l/2403924

  • Strange thing i found out yesterday: When i share a link directly from feedly towards brave, it causes no problem and the url loads normally.

Nothing anymore ?

I thought at least to have some sort of help with this…

Given Brave is Chromium based, does this feature show up there? Open an issue report on https://github.com/brave/brave-browser with exact details on what is needed.

Thank you for the reply.

I tested this with interesting results.

When sharing the link to chrome, it shows me search results about whats in the title of the article.

So assuming the same seach link it send to brave, brave doesnt know how to handle it.

Earlier in my posts i said that it happend from all apps but its the case with 3 apps, and 1 of those there is a difference in behaviour. Sharing bluntly with the share button it gives the DNS error.
But when using an integration in the app so that it should be opened in a browser directly, it works.

So its really strange. I even uninstalled the whole brave browser from my phone and reinstalled clean and tested again without adjusting any settings but same result.

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