Many sites not loading - DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE message

Many sites that I try to access wont load up and I get a ‘dns_probe_possible’ message. The site then usually loads up automatically by itself after a few seconds. There’s no pattern to this. Some days it hardly happens and other days it happens constantly.

It’s difficult to reproduce as it’s not consistent. Using the browser in private mode doesn’t prevent it either - so it’s not the extensions. Turning the dns settings in the browser off/on makes no difference. Using ISP or 3rd party dns in router settings makes no difference. Using different shield options, or even disabling shield, doesn’t fix it.

This only happens on the windows desktop browser for me (1.29.79), and has been the case for several months now. I also use brave on my android phone and have no issues like this at all.

Are you using a vpn or secure dns (in brave://settings/security) ? @plarul

Im not using a vpn. The problem comes regardless of whether I enable secure dns in the settings or not.
This never used to happen at all until a few months ago. Now it happens constantly. Super annoying.

Try a clean Brave profile, and retest. Also test website that is breaking

Tried new profile. Problem is still there.
It doesn’t break sites, the error comes up for a few seconds before finally sorting itself out and joining the site. I’d rather go back to FF then deal with this any longer.

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This has been happening to me since forever in the Android app.

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