Perpetual DNS PROBE ERROR when navigating the web

May I start by saying I am a big fan and advocator of Brave against other browsers. I recommend and advocate its use to all computer and phone users.

I am running a Sony Vaio with Windows 64 bit and the Brave Browser Version 1.42.86 Chromium 104.0.5112.81.

I am getting the DNS_PROBE_ERROR on many websites. I have searched answers and cleared the cache, switched DNS providers back and forth withour any result.

I use Norton 360 with its built-in VPN as security. When the error occurs I switch off the VPN, switch it back on and then refresh the website. Hey presto, it works.

I run the same extensions on a backup browser and get no issues implying the extensions are not at fault. To be sure I switch off all extensions to highlight if they are causing the error.

I am getting frustrated and my searches had recommended using Mozilla Firefox instead. I am so frustrated I am thinking of using Firefox as my default browser.

Can anyone help please?

Thanks, VaioWarrior

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  1. Random, sometimes the website responds and other times it throws up the DNS Probe error.

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so it’s not a bug just turn off the vpn and load the page normally. what is the purpose of using it to load sussy amogus pages ? brave is SuS and it’ll never not load pages with Norton Security Scan. please use avast hehe . sussy brave

If you are paying for Norton 360 the best thing to do in my view would be to open a support case with them. Most likely there is some kind of issue where Brave is not whitelisted as other browsers are, and if you can get them to fix it it will help all N360 users.

Most likely N360 treats certain processes differently and Brave isn’t “in the club.” But there is likely a way to override that locally.

Can follow up more later if you still have issues, but that’s my quick take.

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