DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE error after some time of browsing

Always have DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE in Brave Browser, Desktop after some browsing time on every site. Then after 3-5 minutes, sites are loading fine, then again DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE, then again fine, then again DNS error

Brave Version: 1.52.122 (Chromium 114.0.5735.110 64-bit Official Build)
OS: Windows 10 LTSC 21H2
Location: Russia (I suggest first time, that is our Censorship Department - Roskomnadzor, but multiple DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE even on standard settings with Brave, without Secure DNS option, also, DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE occurs only in Brave, Firefox works fine, without even one such an error)
Processor: i5-9400
RAM: 32 Gb DDR4
No firewall installed

Excuse me for disturbing, but maybe my error is kinda common


Problem WAS NOT Brave-related as it seemed on the first and second look

Problem is ISP-related and (very likely) country(Russia)-related. The core is Ethernet adapter settings, I set up ipv4 options as not resolving DNS automatically (by DNS of my ISP) but resolving by (Google DNS) and (Cloudflare). So it’s kinda that so-called “TMoCT” (“ТСПУ - технические средства противодействия угрозам”) - a black box controlled by Roskomnadzor and it should be on every ISP due to our laws - block that resolving because of… magic. It is black box, so I don’t know and even ISP don’t know (they’re forbidden to open these black boxes).

I just set in IPv4 options of ethernet adapter - automatic DNS-resolving and then Brave works fine. Then I set Control-D DNS and PIA DNS instead of Google and and then Brave keeps working fine. At least now, our Censorship Department is not trying to block randomly this DNS-requests. (Firefox works all the time because of using Control-D DNS, I think)

I apologize if anyone has wasted their time


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