Displaying the same set of background images / photos

There were some beautiful scenery of Japan and other places, but now it is only displaying a set of photos of jellyfish and other scenery. Possible to allow users to select from a list of images curated by Brave? Thanks,

Although not what you requested: in case you missed some of the backgrounds (I do use a couple of them as a login background on my PC) see here:

While being incredibly happy with the browser, some of us suggested that the new tab backgrounds should be improved / made more varied a few months ago.

I have actually noticed a real improvement recently. I have so much respect for the Brave team. I’m sure they will keep taking constructive feedback on board, and make this even better down the line.

There is a Feature Request about customizing the background image for the Home/New Tab Page. It has the most votes in the category and has 57K views. I think that indicates a lot of people are interested in being able to select their own background images.


The feature is actually in progress on the Github NTP Projects Page.

Hopefully, this feature will be coming soon!

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