Half a year later, no custom backgrounds

Whenever Brave is launched, the homepage (new tab) is shown with either the default background or sponsored rotating backgrounds.

A lot of users don’t like this and have been requesting a way to add their own pictures since mid 2019 or earlier.

Adding a feature where users can display a custom background (either by link or uploading a custom picture) is really not hard to implement and doesn’t take long.

For example, turning off background image on the dashboard displays the default purple-pink-orange-tri-colour background. A link or a file displays this. It’s not hard to enable users the option to modify it and replace it with their own.


Brave staff announced that this thread

… is where one can get updates and provide feedback, but the last post was in Dec 2019.

If you scroll to post # 38 from “kliu”, the list of enhancements are provided (as of Dec).

Might also check the associated Github entries:

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This functionality is still on the board.


I want this feature as well.

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3 years later… insane

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Here’s an idea, respond on a timely basis to user change requests.

Hurry up. Get it done already.