Backgrounds not changing or missing

Hello, Has something been changed with the rotating background images on Brave? My Linux computers are always opening to the “Jellyfish” background now, when they used to change and rotate constantly. Now I only see a different background if I open an additional tab. I always keep the browser updated to the newest version, Thank You.

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Can’t answer your question because I haven’t a clue, sorry. But I do know what you mean. The jellyfish background is one of my least favorite and to constantly see it when I first open the browser is distressing. lol

If I know I’ll be staying on that tab for a few, I just refresh the page until I get a background I like and can live with for a while. Hey, how about a Feature Request to choose the default background on open? Hmmm… gonna have to go look and see if there is one! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for response, it’s good to here I’m not the only one having this issue. I was worried that I had some kind of virus or something, so thank you for replying, Cheers.

@Cypher1984 There is a Feature Request related to this. It’s #1 in the category! lol

The issue is also “In Progess” in the New Tab Page project on Brave Github. So it’s coming! :smile:

custom background for NTP #15252

i thinkyou should choose the customise option located below in homepage

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