Custom Image Backgrounds For New Tabs

I would like to request a feature in which we can either choose one of your provided image backgrounds or upload our own custom backgrounds for the new tabs.

For example, every time you get a new tab. The background image changes. There are some I prefer to use and some I do not. With this feature request, I would like the option to choose some of your backgrounds to permanently use as the new tab background image or upload custom images to the browser instead.


I would even like if you could change the background theme to any color you want when no background image is selected as I have a slow laptop and a little customizing never hurt anyone huh!

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Need to have the ability to customize the background for work and personal.
Is there any progress on this topic? Really surprised that this is a “missing option” from the onset. Status?

This feature is being worked on presently:

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Is there an expected release date to this? Also, can you also add a lot more background pictures as seeing the same ones repeatedly get boring to see.